Amazing Wedding celebration Hair Recommendation Using Flower Crowns

A comical little fact that you might not understand concerning me is that I was a traveling wedding event hair stylist for 12 years prior to I started this blog site. I love wedding hair as well as it was my preferred to work on behind the chair. So today I’m discussing my expert hair ideas with you on wearing lovely blossom crowns within your wedding day hair style! Blossom crowns are the embodiment of romance. They symbolize all things that are beautiful and also being able to use a stunning, well equipped spray of flowers can make any type of lady seem like a siren. With boho styles trending, we are beginning to view outstanding flower crowns worn in real wedding celebrations (not merely styled shoots) and also we are about it!

What Kind of Hair Style Works Finest

From complete crowns to partial crowns, large crowns and also dainty crowns— there will certainly be a blossom fit for practically any type of wedding hair design. My favorites are the ones visualized below, all down also, wavy, side styles and reduced buns. Your luxurious wedding flower crown must be an accent to your wedding day hairstyle, not the concentration. To make sure that you can take it off when you should and also not loose the lookout of your design, which is why all down or side designs work out so well.


I’m entirely obsessing over these half-crowns! A complete blossom crown is extremely the statement also, could even weigh to wear, but these side crowns are merely adorable and also an excellent alternative for a lighter appearance.

What Hair Color Looks Ideal

All hair shades will look remarkable with blossoms! If you desire your flowers to blend into your hair for a more refined lookout, choose shade midsts that match the deepness of your hair shade. As an example brunets would certainly match magnificently with deeper reds and also wine reds, but if you are seeking your flowers to truly stand out— go the other. Blondes would certainly look outstanding with bright pinks, red heads would look incredible with tones of white also, brunets would look stunning with pops of yellow.


Make a point to chat with your florist (furthermore, your hair stylist) prior to you make any type of decisions as some flowers might not be in season as well as some won’t last out of water.

Obtaining The Appearance

Most crowns will be made of a thick cord that can be formed as well as formed to your head, but bobby pins are nearly a necessity and also will certainly give you an included sensation of stability. Ensure to hair spray your design JUST BEFORE you place on your crown ... NO hair spray on the fresh flowers themselves, it’s not a good combination. Don’t maintain your blossom crown in a refrigerator with food, as food could trigger some flowers to brownish. Hands off— attempt your hardest to keep your fingers out of the blooms as our all-natural oils could brown the blossoms furthermore, touching them repetitively could bruise them.


Making your personal blossom crowns could be very easy as well as bunches of enjoyable. Nevertheless, because the majority of them need to be set up the early morning of the event— if you are the bride, including this to your to-do list could be difficult, so leave it to your flower designer if you can.


*image courtesy: Pinterest

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