The most effective flowers to expand for a wedding celebration bouquet

Our horticulture agony aunt Helen Yemm shares her top pointers on what to expand for an innovative, wedding flower delivery bouquet.

Viewers Anne Hilson has actually composed to me that her daughter getting wed in October and also she wish to expand as lots of flowers for the occasion as possible, keeping to a general autumnal style. She asks for some ideas from me, as well as wants to know exactly what she could sow over the following couple of weeks that will certainly still be blooming then, as well as asks yourself if by postponing sowing she could motivate later blooming.


I dropped upon this specific email from Anne like a hungry wolf— an opportunity finally to think about something positive as well as colourful at a gloomy season with slim pickings for Thorny Troubles - and also never ever more so than this year, it seems.

Viewers could be surprised to discover that I get a multitude of letters about increasing wedding event blossoms the nation’s long-suffering moms obligingly jumping through hoops, presumably, to please their horticulturally innocent children. Some letters I shelve - I am not actually a cut-flower garden enthusiast, nevertheless, so I never feel my concepts are particularly handy.

I did handle to attack the best note on one occasion, however, when I recommended expanding tub-fuls of Regale lilies as well as even more of fragrant white nicotiana, bulked out with evergreen and evergreen-and-white vegetation for a July marquee wedding event - it looked cool as well as minimalist as well as was very easy to accomplish, I am told. Thereby hangs my most important recommendation: it is most effectively to settle (as Anne has) for a theme as well as keep points straightforward. At my neighbour’s late-summer wedding a couple of years back, the church was just stuffed to the heavens with huge sunflowers. Remarkable as well as great.


For Anne, my first idea was to reject all the apparent annual wedding event flowers - the white corn cockle Agrostemma ‘Ocean Pearl’ as well as the trendy cow-parsley-lookalikes (Ammi, Orlaya etc). They carry out ideal if started in the autumn to flower the adhering to early/high summer. Germinated this springtime, given that it is difficult for normal garden enthusiasts to “programme” performance, they would possibly only form tiny plants, flower for a short while as well as would most likely be well passed.

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